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Who is going to be my instructor?
All our photographers are well experienced professionals that share a passion for teaching others. Since a great photographer is not necessarily a great photography instructor all PHOCADEMY instructors have completed a special teaching program that complements their technical skillset. We will send you the details of your instructor approx. one week before your workshop starts. Every workshop follows the same well-established educational concepts that ensure that you will really understand how camera settings and composition alter the way an image looks. Through lots of practical and fun excercises your newly aquired skills can sink in and outlast the workshop.
What's the maximum group size?
Our photography workshops have a maximum group size of just 8 students. That way your instructor can really take the time to explain everything you need to know to take your photography skills to the next level. And you have plenty of opportunities to ask all the questions that are relevant to you.
Where do we meet for the workshop?
All our Sunshine Coast workshops are outdoor workshops and have a meeting point on the Sunshine Coast. We will send you the specific details for your workshop approx. one week before it starts. In most cases the meeting points will be as follows: Caloundra & Maroochydore (Beginners Course SAT/SUN), Mooloolaba & Point Arkwright (Beyond Beginners SAT/SUN)
Do I need a fancy DSLR camera to join a workshop?
No, not at all. You are welcome with any digital camera that lets you control the aperture and shutter speed. These are all cameras that offer an »aperture priority« mode (often called A-mode or AV-mode) and a »shutter priority« mode (often called S-mode oder TV-mode). If you are uncertain please contact customer support with the make and model of your camera and we'll quickly confirm this for you.
Do you use lot's of jargon speak?
We believe in avoiding jargon speak whereever possible. But words like aperture and shutter speed describe essential concepts of photography that - when understood - make taking great photographs much easier. That's why we use them where necessary but we'll always make sure that you are 100% aware of their exact meaning. In all our workshops we go to great lengths to make you feel so comfortable that any questions you might have will quickly come up and be clarified without it ever feeling like a classroom.
Can two of us share one camera?
Of course the two of you can share one camera. For the small individual or group assignments that you'll be doing during the workshop you will have to decide whether you take turns or do them one after another. Please note however that we only have so much time for every assignment so taking turns might be more efficient. But it's totally up to you. Both participants need to book a seat for the workshop.
Can I rent a camera for the workshop?
We unfortunately cannot provide cameras for your workshop but you can rent a camera from several companies in Brisbane starting at around $ 60 for the weekend. Companies like Black Dog Camera Hire can also send them to your door so that you don't have to come and pick them up.
Will the workshop be cancelled due to bad weather forecasts?
Unless there are severe weather warnings the workshop will take place as scheduled. Some of the most iconic images have been taken while it was raining and many times a dramatic sky is the perfect backdrop for a great image. Also rain forecasts are often flawed and misleading and nobody can tell what the weather will be like at the exact time and place of the workshop. If there is a chance of rain you should pack a raincoat and maybe an umbrella. We will bring spare rain covers for your camera.
Will the workshop be cancelled due to any other reasons?
We know that your time is valuable and that cancellations are annoying. That's why we usually have at least one other photographer in standby should your instructor become sick. Nonetheless there may be circumstances in which we cannot replace an instructor but we do our best to avoid these situations. If the minimum number of 3 enrolments is not achieved for a specific workshop date the workshop will usually be cancelled as well. If we cancel a workshop (for whatever reason) you can choose a new date that suits you or get a full refund of the paid fees.
Do you offer courses throughout the year?
Sorry but due to staffing shortages we currently have to focus on our main photography business and cannot offer any workshop dates.
Can my friend, partner or parent who doesn't shoot accompany me to the workshop?
Yes, you can bring somebody that doesn't shoot with you but that person will need to purchase a workshop seat as well. For reasons of fairness we want to keep the group as small as advertised.



What payment options do I have?
You can pay the workshop fees online with any major credit or debit card using the PCI DDS compliant secure checkout process (powered by stripe) or with your PayPal account.
Can I reschedule my workshop?
Absolutely - if you give us 10 days notice before the date of your workshop you can reschedule your workshop free of charge. If you have to reschedule within 10 days of the date of the workshop there is a fee of 50% of the standard workshop fee to change your seat to another workshop date. This is because seats are very limited and usually every booking prevents somebody else from coming. If you just don't show up you cannot reschedule your workshop afterwards.
Can I cancel and get a refund?
Absolutely - if you give us 10 days notice before the date of your workshop you can cancel your booking and get a full refund. Please note that the refund will always be paid to the account or credit card that was used to pay the workshop fees. No refunds can be given for gift vouchers or for cancellations that are within 10 days of the date of the workshop.
What if I can only attend part of the course I am booked into?
If for some reason you cannot attend the full course just let your instructor know that you have to leave. If you are attending a course that is split into multiple sessions please note that most times you can only attend the following session if you completed the previous. If in doubt please contact our customer service.
Can I get a tax invoice for my booking?
Yes, you will automatically receive a tax invoice in your booking confirmation email. The workshop fees include GST. Please note however that general gift vouchers that can be redeemed for any of our goods and services up to their value are not subject to GST. Thanks.


Gift Vouchers

How fast can I receive my gift voucher?
The gift voucher will be sent to you as a PDF document right after you confirm your booking. It is attached to the confirmation mail.
Can you mail the gift voucher to my home? Can I come and pick it up?
Sorry we currently can only provide the gift voucher in electronic form. You will receive it as a PDF document together with your booking confirmation email.
Is there a minimum order amount for a gift voucher?
You can either get a gift voucher for a fully paid-up seat for one specific workshop date or you can get a gift voucher with a face value of $ 10.00 or any amount higher than that.
When do gift vouchers expire?
If you buy a gift voucher for a specific workshop date than this voucher will only be valid for this date. The date can however be changed (see above). If you buy a general gift voucher with a certain face value than this voucher will expire two years after purchase.

What others say about our courses

 Excellent course! Many new insights, small group, great instructor! 
Jessica Robertson,
 My photos are totally different after completing the beginners workshop. 
Sheena Dunning,

 I never knew what my camera was capable of. 
Michael Gow,
Now I finally know how to take the photos I have in my mind! 
Nina Palmer,