Learn photography as you go

in Brisbane

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At PHOCADEMY we think the best way to learn photography is to go out and actually take the photo. In our short courses and workshops you will learn photography as you go. Our experienced photographers will show you all the necessary settings for your specific camera model and guide you towards beautiful and more interesting images. We'll explain everything you need to know to take your photography skills to the next level.

Even though our modern and unique educational concepts don't feel like a classroom at all they in fact help you develop a profound understanding of photography. So next time you have a great opportunity to take this amazing shot you will know exactly how to do it and why it's done that way.

All our photography courses and workshops are tailored to the needs of amateur photographers and we feel humbly honoured to help and guide you on your very own photographic journey.

What others say about our courses

 The Night Photography course is one of a kind. SO MUCH FUN 
Kenneth Nichols,
 I was a raw beginner but now I know how and why to choose my camera settings 
Carina Yu,
 I would definitely recommend the course to a friend! 
Roger Linnett,
 So glad I found your workshops! My photos will never be the same! THANK YOU 
Lauren Deeb,